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A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be asked to photograph makerher + co's first event, a screening of "Dream, Girl" ... if you haven't seen it make sure you visit for other screening dates in Victoria, BC! If you're not from Victoria, visit


About makerher + co ...
makeher + co was recently founded by Linda Biggs, an ex tech startup director, who felt a deep calling to focus on helping women and girls dream big. at makeher + co, our mandate is to help entrepreneurs grow and to be a catalyst for women and girls to change the world. 

About MAOA:
MAOA is dedicated to the advancement of “The Living Arts” a place of art, music, dance, mindfulness, creative expression and sustainable agriculture, making it accessible to all ages through classes, workshops and events. MAOA works with the community to support artists in the development of their personal and professional endeavours in a creative, collaborative and supportive atmosphere. 



Here is just a few of the moments I caught on camera...








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