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Ali + Marco - Dallas Road Couples Session

Sometimes when I photograph a session it attaches itself to a song. So in lieu of words, I'm sharing lyrics. Images below were all taken at one of my favourite spots in Victoria, Dallas Road at sunset. Beautiful florals by Ali who is also the owner of Powell Floral in Victoria, BC

It's you and only you Who can be takin' away The shit that I go through Each and everyday When I'm alone with you You make it better again, yeah Your arms are where I wanna remain Catch my eye, and she starts to say

Hey baby, we can dance slowly My darlin', I'll be all you need (you need) I know it hasn't been your day, your week, your week, your week So put it all on me (woo) Oh my darlin', put your worries on me Can't judge me 'cause I feel the same thing And I'm here for whenever…

- ed sheeran + ella mai



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