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Iris + Manoj - Anniversary Session Villa Eyrie Resort - Victoria Wedding Photographer

Couple overlooking beautiful view while holding hands

A gorgeous & fun session from a few months ago at the always stunning Villa Eyrie Resort on Vancouver Island...

Love when my clients are up for anything & exploring this beautiful place I get to call home! Iris & Manoj contacted me awhile back and asked how I'd feel about capturing some very PNW style images for them on their one year anniversary. Married in Korea the previous year, while they loved their pictures and their day with family and friends they felt like they missed out on getting some pictures that really spoke to their home in the answer "YOU BETCHA I CAN DO THAT"

All jokes aside, it was a perfect day and we had an absolute blast. Villa Eyrie is one of my most favourite spots on Vancouver Island and has just the most epic damn views ever! Also if you're wondering where that bouquet came from...well the bride made it and knocked it out of the god damn park!

x, eva

bride holding dress and running
Couple running together in wedding attire in forest
bride holding bouquet of flowers standing in front of lake
groom standing in front of lake in suit
bride posing in front of beautiful lake with flowers
bride and groom laughing and embracing while looking at each other

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