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Keith + Suzanne - Northern Ireland Couple Photographer

This one is a tad overdue! Last year while I was travelling throughout Ireland & Northern Ireland I had the opportunity to meet up with these two lovely humans, Keith & Suzanne. We'd been planning this session for almost a year prior to my trip out and throughout the process I had gotten to know them both via email / fb etc and they were the absolute sweetest which is exactly how they are in person! They picked me up in downtown Belfast and we got quite comfortable with each other rather quickly as they had their work van and we all squeezed into the 3 front seats, a bit of a laugh was had! This now takes me to the reason why they had the work van, Suzanne's career and life is dedicated to rescuing dogs & cats who have been put in situations other than ideal and quite often horrific conditions. Literally just before we met up they'd done a quick rescue mission nearby, thus the work van. They're both doing absolute incredible work and I encourage you to go check it out here.

We ended up heading over to Queens University and wandering through the grounds and botanical gardens and it was nothing short of gorgeous! Northern Ireland is truly one of the most beautiful places in the world, especially in October! Thanks Keith & Suzanne for an amazing session and new friendships! I'll be back to see you guys soon

x, eva

couple kissing in botanical garden
couple walking in botanical garden holding hands
couple laughing and kissing in botanical gardens
couple hugging at queens university in belfast, northern ireland
couple smiling at each other in front of gardens in northern ireland

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